Meet the voices in your ears.


Rudy Basso began podcasting as a guest on James Introcaso's Round Table on The Tome Show Podcast Network, later starting D&D V&G there, an incredibly specific show focused on Dungeons & Dragons licensed video games.   

He considers Drizzt his best friend.  Drizzt does not reciprocate the feeling.

Rudy is a writer/producer/actor of Don't Split the Podcast Network's Have Spellbook, Will Travel and co-host of Game O'Clock.

James Introcaso is the creator and writer for the ENnie-winning blog, World Builder Blog. Before co-creating the Don't Split the Podcast Network with Rudy Basso, James created and hosted The Round Table on The Tome Show Podcast Network. He has freelanced as a game designer for Wizards of the Coast, Roll20, Baldman Games, EN World, and Roleplaying Tips.

James is the host of Don't Split the Podcast Network's Table Top Babble and a writer/producer/actor for Have Spellbook, Will Travel.



Mike Shea is the writer for the website, Sly Flourish. He is the author of a number of roleplaying books and projects including The Lazy Dungeon Master and Sly Flourish's Fantastic Locations. He has freelanced for a number of RPG companies including Wizards of the Coast, Pelgrane Press, Sasquach Games, and Kobold Press. Mike lives in northern Virginia with his gamer wife Michelle.

Mike is the host of Don't Split the Podcast Network's DMs Deep Dive with Mike Shea.


You might have heard Alex Basso on the smash hit* Tome Show Network podcast, D&D V&G, the Number 1 talk show that focused exclusively on Dungeons and Dragons themed video games.  He has also had a number of appearances as a panelist on James Introcaso's Round Table. When not podcasting, Alex can be found getting beat in video games on the internet or overthinking combat at a D&D table.

Alex is the co-host of Game O'Clock and can be heard playing various minions and lackeys on Have Spellbook, Will Travel.

*At least his Mom thinks so.



Celeste Conowitch has been a gamer since the first day she inherited a pristine red box Dungeons and Dragons set. Through AD&D, 3.0, 3.5, 4th Ed, and now 5th Ed she's loved every minute in the tabletop RPG world; By day she does theatre and watches lots of TNG re-runs.

Celeste is the DM/writer/co-host for the Venture Maidens podcast.

It all started the Christmas of '94 when Brittany Quintero plugged in her first console, the SNES, and fell in love with gaming. Since then, she has evolved to the original RPG, Dungeons & Dragons. Visual art is one and the same as the art of magic to Brittany, so she usually plays a magic-user. By day, Brittany weaves her own magic into her work as a tattoo artist - illustrating stories and meanings by her client’s request. Like her warlock character, she earned her powers through a lifetime of practice and an apprenticeship from an all-knowing mentor.

Brittany is the artist/player/co-host for the Venture Maidens podcast.