002 - Worldbuilding and Spell Design

James Introcaso chats with Wolfgang Baur, Steve Winter, and Dan Dillon of Kobold Press about worldbuilding in RPGs, designing new spells, and the upcoming Kickstarter for the Midgard Campaign Setting for 5th Edition D&D.

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What is Table Top Babble?

Table Top Babble is a new weekly show from veteran podcaster, blogger, and game designer James Introcaso that's all about table top RPGs. Each week James will interview a top name in the industry or assemble a panel of experts to review and discuss the latest products, trends, news, and advice. If you liked listening to James Introcaso on The Tome Show's Round Table podcast, you'll love Table Top Babble. The show launches in early 2017 with an interview with fifth edition Dungeons and Dragons lead designer, Mike Mearls.