Gaming podcasts are kind of our thing.


Table Top Babble

If there's one genre of gaming James Introcaso loves above all others, it's tabletop RPGs. He talks about them so much, we decided to record him and make a podcast out of his conversations. Get the latest news, reviews, advice, and interviews as he chats with top names in the industry.


DM's Deep Dive with Mike Shea

The DM’s Deep Dive is your monthly master class in dungeon mastering from veteran game designer and DM, Mike Shea of Sly Flourish. Each episode, Mike and a guest DM expert take a single topic of interest to dungeon masters and dig deep, covering lost nuances and digging for hidden gems we might all have missed. In each hour-long episode of the show they'll cover a particular topic such as “the changing face of learning to DM” and “the art of building fantastic encounters” with expert advice formed over years of gaming. Mike and his guest also talk to audience watching live on Twitch to get their reactions, answer their questions, and seek their insights into these deep DMing topics. Join us!

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Venture Maidens

Venture Maidens is a real play fifth edition Dungeons and Dragons podcast crafted by four life time gamers. Tune in as our bold heroes: Arrnodel, Kara, and Sawyeh, do battle with the forces of evil, financial destitution, and seek answers about a mysterious organization who seems to have taken a deadly interest in the Maidens.


Dames & Dragons

Dames & Dragons is a 5e Dungeons and Dragons actual play podcast featuring jokes, a mystery or two, and some fumbling attempts at heroism. On a floating island called Estra, three warriors emerge from the Great Forest to become the Goddess's Guardians. Laika, a paladin of the wolf clan, does many back flips. Corbin, a druid of the crow clan, refuses to admit he's a human. Fran, a wizard of the deer clan, wishes there was a way to quit her job. Together, they stand against the dark force plotting the downfall of their Goddess, and their world.


Total Party Thrill

Total Party Thrill is an ENnie-nominated RPG discussion podcast. Each episode covers a particular aspect of game planning and playing, and hosts I-Hsien and Shane share tips and advice drawn from their own experiences, including a 3-year Eberron campaign and an ongoing Rogue Trader saga. Then follow them into the Character Creation Forge, where they build iconic character archetypes from outside traditional Dungeons & Dragons using the D&D 5th Edition rules.


Behold Her Podcast

Behold Her Podcast is a monthly show hosted by Lysa Penrose that spotlights inspiring women in tabletop gaming. Interviews, discussions, and audio essays capture the diverse experiences of being a female gamer in tabletop RPGs. 

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The Demonplague podcast is a dark fantasy weekly 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons actual play podcast that also streams games Tuesdays on Twitch! The adventure is run by James Introcaso with players Rudy Basso, Lauren Urban, TK Johnson, and Robert Adducci.


Redemption is a four-player actual-play Star Wars RPG (played using the most excellent system released by Fantasy Flight Games) set in the time period of the Clone Wars. The crew of the Krallet's Fang try to just get by and maybe make some money, but things never quite go the way they intend, thanks to either politics, internal strife, or the will of the Force.

Originally launched in 2015, the crew have over 4 seasons of back content that reach from just before the Clone Wars started, to current day - in the midst of the conflict. Some familiar Star Wars canon characters make occasional cameos as well!

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D&Debrief is a 5e Dungeons & Dragons actual play podcast with a twist! Veteran DM Sam Dillon runs 4 new to 5e D&D players through a campaign in his sea-based world of Ruboryn. Each game session is followed by an in-depth analysis and discussion of rules, DM choices, player choices, character decisions, fantasy tropes, roleplaying habits, house rules, what makes a game fun, and pretty much anything else the players want to talk about.