Episode 5: Crabs in White Satin

This session sees Marcel rejoining the group. They sneakily make their way to the standing stones where several half-crab half-man creatures are in the midst of performing a ritual. Combat ensues and the ritual is interrupted, but not before Axley and Khonnos get covered in goop, again! What does a captured half-crab-man tell the group? What do they find in the middle of the standing stones?

DeBrief: The team ends the episode with more discussion of theater of the mind and having helpful sketches, but not tactical maps, available during the game. Also discussed... the value of having overlapping areas of expertise between different PCs, using spells for interesting effects (breaking concentration), and is there a difference between a history check and a memory check? Can you use a perception check to remember something?

So that you can follow along, here is a map of the Gormer Chain, where Trastenfen is located:



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