Episode 1-4 - The Future of World War II FPS Games

Here is the final episode of our discussion on World War II FPS games with CeeJay Rebeta!  Listen in as we discuss what mechanics we think are needed to make a good game, what mechanics make a BAD game (more Heroes and Generals bashing!), and what we want from the future of World War II shooters!

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Episode 1-1 - World War II FPS History

And here we go!  Episode one of Game O'Clock is being released today to coincide with the launch of Don't Split the Podcast, with our first episode being our look back at World War II First-Person Shooters.  Joining Rudy and Alex this month is our friend and World War II Enthusiast, CeeJay Rebeta.  

Our next episode will release next Thursday on our normal weekday, and we will be looking at some of the best games in the genre, along with a few of our personal favorites.

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