Dan Dillon

Episode 30 - Body Take

Join James Introcaso as he leads Rudy Basso, TK Johnson, Lauren Urban, and Robert Adducci through the Demonplague, a full Dungeons & Dragons campaign from level 1 to 20 co-written by James himself.

Special Guest Dan Dillon is back as a ghost and doing what ghosts love to do - impart wisdom to the living! Also maybe some creepy stuff too??? More on that later. 

But now our heroes know that there may be a way to defeat the evil demon Xancrown that doesn't involve dropping a glacier on all civilization and killing everyone! Whoooo! Tune in to hear what it is! Also - some grade-A conniving from the less good-aligned party members!

Buy the level 1 - 20 adventure, the Demonplague, written by Johnn Four of Roleplaying Tips and James Introcaso at roleplayingtips.com/demonplague.

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