Episode 40 - The Apple Bandits Who Love Apples (Like, Really Love Apples)

Join James Introcaso as he leads Rudy Basso, TK Johnson, Lauren Urban, and Robert Adducci through the Demonplague, a full Dungeons & Dragons campaign from level 1 to 20 co-written by James himself.

And so our party sets off to find one of the items necessary to end the Demonplague and Xancrown forever! Of course, if they fail then the entire plane will be plunged into eternal darkness with Xancrown's awakening and the forces of Good will ultimately be destroyed. But that's not gonna happen!!! Right? RIGHT???



Buy the level 1 - 20 adventure, the Demonplague, written by Johnn Four of Roleplaying Tips and James Introcaso at roleplayingtips.com/demonplague.

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