Ashley Warren

Episode 11 - Uncaged Anthology

Episode 11 of Behold Her is all about the women of the Uncaged Anthology project, a "landmark in the social history of Dungeons & Dragons". This episode includes interviews with founder Ashley Warren and contributor Jessica Marcrum and an audio story from contributor Collette Quach. This episode's audio story is sponsored by Dungeon Masters Guild.

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Episode 5: The Women Behind Dungeons & Dragons (Part 1)

In Episode 5 of Behold Her, host and producer Lysa Penrose talks to women on the Dungeons & Dragons team about it's like working at Wizards of the Coast, what inspires them, and what they hope to bring to the future of D&D. Guests include Game Designer Kate Welch, Art Director Emi Tanji, and Senior Creative Art Director Shauna Narcisco. The episode ends with an audio essay by writer Ashley Warren about how D&D's Curse of Strahd and Barovia continues to touch her life.

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