Feast of the Moon Special 4: Bobsled Races

It's a holiday special crossover episode! 

This is the last of four episodes in the 'Feast of the Moon Podcast Special series,' a super project where we teamed up with four other all female & Non Binary actual play podcasts: 

D20 Dames 

The Broadswords

Fate & the Fable Maidens

Roll Like a Girl

These episodes are all family friendly holiday themed one shots! Find the rest in the following places:

Dec. 24th on the Fate & The Fable Maidens Feed

Dec. 29th on The Broadswords Feed

Dec. 30th right back here for #4! 

Special Thanks to:

Jen from D20 Dames for DMing and her artwork

Lauren from Roll Like A Girl for editing

Victoria from the Broadswords for her production wrangling

Music By: Emily Meo

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