Venture Maidens: Descent Into Doom

Gather round travelers to hear a little bit different tale, this time our heroes have been recruited by the mysterious 'Dwarven Forge' to go on a side quest in pursuit of two powerful artifacts. Can they survive their Descent Into Doom? Will they be able to find these fabled glyph stones? What strange horrors await them in Zoltar's dark dungeon?

We’re pleased to present this actual play session in collaboration with Dwarven Forge:

The Dungeon of Doom is a module made by Dwarven Forge. It is set up to be used with 5e, and can be traversed by your level five and six characters easily. It is full of maps, artifacts, and adventures all in 15 encounters. Featured in this episode are Encounters 4: "Deadly Corners" and Encounter 7: "Gorgon Tiers"! 

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