Pelgrane Press Week - Dramatic Roleplaying Master Class

It's Pelgrane Press Week on DSPN Presents! Amazing audio from the makers of 13th Age, Night's Black Agents, Cthulhu Confidential, TimeWatch, and so much more! We've got seven panels of their Gen Con audio coming straight to your ears.

This panel: Dramatic Roleplaying Master Class!

Thanks to Wade Rockett of Natural 20 PR for this audio!

Robin D. Laws designed the GUMSHOE investigative roleplaying system, which powers such games as The Esoterrorists, Ashen Stars, and the upcoming Yellow King RPG. He podcasts weekly on Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff with longtime collaborator Kenneth Hite.

Cat Tobin is a game designer, convention organizer, and co-owner and Managing Director of Pelgrane Press. She has more than 100 production credits, including Cold City, Hillfolk, and several games in the GUMSHOE, 13th Age, and Trail of Cthulhu RPG product lines.

Shel Kahn illustrates for, playtests, writes and educates in tabletop RPGs, videogames, comics and fiction. You can see her art in the upcoming Yellow King RPG, the Six Ages videogame, and in Strange Horizons. Shel Kahn also self-publishes small system-agnostic adventures in her Pocket Dungeons format.

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