Die Laughing Actual Play Live on Twitch - October 8th!

On Monday October 8th at 7PM Eastern Craig Campbell of NerdBurger Games is going to run his soon-to-be Kickstarted RPG Die Laughing for players Celeste ConowitchJames Introcaso, Naseem Etemad, Ron Frazier, and Little Red Dot on the DSPN Twitch Channel.

Die Laughing is a zero-prep, 1-2 hour, GM-less story game. Players portray characters in a horror comedy movie. Each character is going to die. It's just a matter of when it will happen and how funny it will be. 

The dice function as a countdown to your character's death. When you run out of dice, your character dies. But fear not! Even after your character is gone, there are fun ways for you to remain active and influence the story all the way to the end. 

NerdBurger Games will be Kickstarting Die Laughing on Tuesday, October 30th to fund final artwork, layout, and a few other things. So stay tuned!

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