Teos Abadia

DM's Deep Dive Episode 12 Live on Tuesday!

It's time for a new episode of DM's Deep Dive with Mike Shea of Sly Flourish. This time guest is the one and only adventure designer and Alphastream blogger, Teos Abadia! The topic - Fifth Edition D&D Encounter Building! If you have questions for Mike and Teos, ask them on Twitter using #DMsDeepDive and they'll answer them during the show.

You can watch the show on Tuesday, December 5th at 8:00PM Eastern LIVE on Twitch. It will be available later on YouTube and as a podcast.

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002 - Organized Play

Welcome back to the DM's Deep Dive with Mike Shea, a monthly podcast where veteran Dungeon Master Mike Shea - known as Sly Flourish to many - sits down with a friend and fellow DM to have an in-depth discussion on a specific topic.  This month he is joined by Teos Abadia, aka Alphastream, to discuss Organized Play.

Watch on Twitch or YouTube.

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