Watch LIVE - DM's Deep Dive Episode 1

The first episode of the DM's Deep Dive with Mike Shea is scheduled to record. Why is this important? Because YOU CAN WATCH THE SHOW LIVE ON THE DSPN TWITCH CHANNEL on Thursday, January 12 at 9PM Eastern.

In the first episode, Mike Shea of Sly Flourish dives deep with the Newbie DM, Enrique Bertran, into the show's first topic: Dungeon Mastering for New DMs. They answer big questions. How much time is needed to prep for a session? Where do new DMs get hung up? How can veteran DMs better understand those new to the art?

Mike and Enrique will be taking your questions during the show. Get your questions to them early using #DMsDeepDive on Twitter and tune-in to Twitch at 9:00PM Eastern on Thursday, January 12th to get your answers. Episodes will be available on Twitch and YouTube after they air. The audio of the show will be available as a podcast at the end of the month.