Episode 38 - A Brief Interlude to Fight an Undead Monstrosity

Join James Introcaso as he leads Rudy Basso, TK Johnson, Lauren Urban, and Robert Adducci through the Demonplague, a full Dungeons & Dragons campaign from level 1 to 20 co-written by James himself.

Oh God! Oh Dear God! Former friend and town hero Baobab has turned into a valok, the undead monsters that spread the Demonplague! She must be defeated, but also our heroes cannot make eye contact with her or they will contract the Demonplague! And they have to fight her in her tiny little very cute home! Oh geez!

Buy the level 1 - 20 adventure, the Demonplague, written by Johnn Four of Roleplaying Tips and James Introcaso at roleplayingtips.com/demonplague.

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