Episode 1: Eye of the Storm

Meet our brave heroes in this first episode of D&Debrief! In the first half of this episode DM Samuel hosts a session 0 character creation activity! After a quick introduction to the setting, we meet the PCs. First we find out about Ashaz "Ash" Whitemane, a Tabaxi Rogue who spent

most of his young life stowed away on a cargo ship. We also introduce Emmeryn, a Human Cleric of Goras who has spent the past months trying to figure out the secret of The Sinking. And lastly we get to know Axley Tillingquest, a Halfling Bard who is destined to write the greatest epic story ever told... and a cookbook.

In the second half the lighthouse keeper's daughter tasks our heroes with finding out if her father is alive and well. While investigating they witness strange movement on the beach. The group comes upon a consortium of crabs - the mealy, rotting beasts are eating something disgusting on the beach! A strange eye-like symbol embroidered on a sailor's tunic, a half sunken ship, and a scrap of paper with a mysterious name leave the group with more questions than answers!


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