Mysty Vander

Episode 9: Accessibility Friendly Gaming

Episode 9 of Behold Her is all about making gaming more accessible. Host Lysa Penrose (@mercyfuldm) chats with Jess Dempsey of DOTS RPG (@DOTSrpg) and interviews disability equity advocate Jennifer Kretchmer (@dreamwisp). Afterwards, Mysty Vander (@mystyvander) shares her personal experience as a gamer losing her hearing in an audio story sponsored by Kobold Press.

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Episode 2: Women of the Adventurers League

In Episode 2 of Behold Her, host and producer Lysa Penrose chats with three generations of administrators and organizers of the Adventurers League, the official play campaign for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition. Guests include Claire Hoffman, the Associate Content Manager of the Adventurers League, Deb Berlin, the Vice President and Convention Coordinator for The Role Initiative, and Fenway Jones the Teen DM, the organizer of Jasper's Game Day to support suicide prevention. The episode ends with an audio story, written and read by Mysty Vander, about how a clash with kobolds gave her a spark of hope.

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