Archived Shows

These shows have ended (or will soon end) their run on DSPN, but you you can still listen to them!


DSPN Presents

DSPN Presents is one-shot actual plays, pilots, panels, and more from the Don't Split the Podcast Network. Basically it's a grab bag of our favorite stuff that doesn't fit on another one of our podcasts. Hosted by Rudy Basso and James Introcaso. We love games and it's all about gaming!


Have Spellbook, Will Travel

Have Spellbook, Will Travel is a fully produced and voice-acted comedy radio drama set in a magical fantasy world.  New episodes are released every other Wednesday, with a behind-the-scenes show appearing in between episodes.  These BTS shows feature interviews with the cast, discussion between the writers, bloopers, and other hopefully not boring trivia about production.  The show itself is directly inspired by events that have happened in Dungeons & Dragons games of the creators, Rudy Basso and James Introcaso.


Game O’Clock

Game O'Clock is both retrospective and modern examination of video games.  Every month, lifelong gamers and brothers Rudy and Alex Basso focus on a specific genre and spend a week each looking at its history, highlights/lowlights, their personal favorites within it, and the game they wish someone would make.  They'll always be joined by a knowledgable guest and friend to round out the discussion and bring a unique perspective.


The NewbieDM Minicast

The NewbieDM Minicast is a relaunch of the ENnie-nominated podcast hosted by Enrique Bertran. It's bite-sized chunks of great GM advice from Enrique and all his amazing friends! Each episode they answer one question from a caller.


On Tabletop Voices host James Introcaso talks with roleplaying game designers and influencers who are changing the way we play tabletop games.